men's gingham dress shirts

Shop Our Collection of Men's Gingham Dress Shirts That Are The Perfect Fit For Any Occasion From Work To Weekend

Men's Gingham Shirts

Gingham shirts are among our bestselling shirts, and for a good reason. Gingham has been a longtime staple at workplaces, date nights, and even casual days out. From work to weekend, relaxed to formal, you can customize nearly any look around this versatile classic.

Gingham Shirts

Our men's gingham shirts check all the boxes. The iconic pattern brings texture and character to your daily style and leaves plenty of room for creativity: pair and layer with a tie, blazer, sweater, chinos, denim, or a full-on suit, depending only on the dress code and your mood.

We also feature plenty of options to find your perfect fit, a longer length to keep it tucked comfortably throughout the day, and a semi-spread collar that looks as great with a tie as without. We know they'll get a lot of use, so ours are also super-soft 100% cotton, machine-washable, and true non-iron. No worrying about rashes or wrinkles as you rotate them throughout the week or pack them on a business trip.

Gingham Shirts for Men

Play off our variety of men's gingham shirt patterns – from more densely packed "petite" gingham to larger checkered boxes. Likewise, we offer a broad selection of colors and multi-tones in year-round neutrals or seasonal hues to fit your preference and wardrobe. Just be sure to experiment with different tie or bow tie combos; paisley or polka-dot neckwear, for instance, can make for an interesting pattern-on-pattern duo.

As for fits, our gingham shirts tend to come in both Standard and Trim and a range of neck sizes and sleeve length options. No busting out of it, no drowning in it; just a smart, tailored look for your body type, at a much friendlier price than other retailers. Assistance determining the right size and fit for you is available right here in our handy shirt size guide.

Given our gingham shirts' premium quality, flattering fit, and enduring appeal, you might be tempted to wear one every day – which you certainly could. But, to help you avoid falling back on one go-to look, we'd definitely grab an extra color/pattern or two to switch things up. Our prices make it easy to mix and match.

Or, if you're looking for shirts that are more casual, or maybe more dressy, Tie Bar has an array of shirts for any occasion – even short sleeves.